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New Hope for ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism
Attentional difficulties, especially in children, are often misdiagnosed as caused by ADD. That’s because the exact behaviors that clinically define ADD are also created by a number of non-ADD related causes. In cases where ADD is not the correct diagnosis, stimulant medication may actually make matters worse. In fact, approximately 50% of the ADD diagnosed children seen at our Clinic should not be taking these medications.
Dr. Ron Minson, M.D., Neurologist

We prescribe more Ritalin here than in any other country. So the richest country in the world has the dumbest, most hyperactive kids.
Sherry Rogers, M.D.

The use of Ritalin or Concerta or any other drug prescribed for ADHD may be an out-moded therapy that was a band-aid approach with high-risk side effects for children. Wouldn’t it be great if drugs weren’t needed to have a healthy, creative son or daughter?

Brain Recovery…
Is it possible to take the guess work out of the causes of
ADD/ADHD? Autism? PDD? Dyslexia?

Combined Therapies is the Answer
Sound Entrainment uses specialized head-sets, to conduct specific frequencies into the brain through bone conduction, combined with Orthomolecular Therapies to address and neutralize allergies that affect the brain.

Two-part Solution: Sound Waves and Allergy Treatments
Specialized centers around the globe and the United States are proving without a doubt that these two types of treatment programs work, and are effective.

In the past, parents had to travel to several places with their children to get all these treatments, at great expense of money and time without any guarantees. Without the Quantum Spectra-Vision™ Technology, it was difficult, if not impossible, to determine which combination of therapies were best for each child.

Now, the Sound Entrainment Therapies Institute, SETI, combines these therapies in one place for the first time, anywhere in the world. By using Quantum Spectra-Vision™ Technology to determine therapy combinations, there is no more guess work.

These combined therapies allow the body-instrument to re-attune. As the right and left sides of the brain are entrained to work in-sync, the whole body is allowed to heal from top to bottom. The Brain-Body connection is firmly established.

Is the Wave of the Future a Sound Wave?
We think so. And it’s here today.

“Sound will be a healing therapy in the future.”
—Edgar Cayce

What if:
brain recovery were really possible?
drugs were not needed any longer?
the entire process took a few months instead of a few years?
a child could really be their original creative self?
the answers were only a phone call away?

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